International Remittance

Transfer money internationally and instantly through your mobile. With STC Pay you can transfer funds instantly to more than 525,000 Western Union locations worldwide, and enjoy unique benefits including, competitive prices, instant refund and notification of cash pick-up.

How to transfer money internationally from STC Pay

Step 1

Click “International Remittance”

Step 2

Click “Add New Beneficiary” and fill the information

Step 3

Click “Send Money” on the approved beneficiary from the Saved Beneficiaries tab

Step 4

And easily share the MTCN Number with the beneficiary.

Unique Benefits

Competitive prices and no hidden fees in the beneficiary country

Instant refund upon cancelation request

Instant notification of cash pick-up

Price List

Afghanistan 15 SAR
Bahrain 20 SAR
Bangladesh 15 SAR
China 20 SAR
Egypt 15 SAR
Ethiopia 20 SAR
India 15 SAR
Indonesia 14 SAR
Iraq 20 SAR
Jordan 20 SAR
Kenya 20 SAR
Kuwait 20 SAR
Lebanon 20 SAR
Morocco 20 SAR
Nepal 15 SAR
Oman 20 SAR
Pakistan 15 SAR
Palestine 20 SAR
Philippines 15 SAR
Sri Lanka 14 SAR
Sudan 15 SAR
Turkey 20 SAR
Vietnam 15 SAR
Yemen 15 SAR
Rest of the World 25 SAR

Receiver fees do not include the tax that some countries impose on the transfers.

$2,500 per transaction (Approximately SR 9,375) 

Through Money in Minutes service, the beneficiary can collect the funds within minutes of sending them.

Yes, you can cancel a money transfer and receive an instant refund if it has not been picked up by the beneficiary yet.

The Money Transfer Control Number (MTCN) is a unique reference number assigned to your money transfer. The beneficiary will need this number when they pick up their money at an agent location.

You cannot change the name; however, you can instantly cancel the transaction and send a new one with the correct name.

From the International Remittance screen:

  1. Click on Remittances tab
  2. Click on Receipt
  3. Click Edit on the upper right corner
  4. Scroll down and click Cancel Remittance